A Critical Aspect of Marketization of Education

The very theme is not only important in present context but also it will also create the foundation stone of our posterity. We cannot express importance of education in a single line or some paragraphs because it is concept, a miracle, a differentiator which makes us different and elite from all other animal of this planet and also equally it makes us responsible towards sustainability of this planet.

Again the marketisation of education having some benefits however these benefits are concentrated to a small segment of people  like coaching owners, elite industrialists and some other Bourzua (As the term coined by Great Social Scientist and philosopher Karl Marx) while on the other side of the coin a large section of students and their parents whose eyes are full of hope and expectations that their wards will get a service or employment and will become their liabilities holder or popularly called in Hindi as “Budhape ki Lathi” ,remain in the waiting lines in search for opportunities and correct timing in spite of their good education background followed my professional and competitive skills.

If we discuss about the present topic in the locus of one of the most important region of North India termed as Purvanchal which is consisted of two words Purva or East and Anchal i.e. region. It covers the areas of eastern end of state of Uttar Pradesh and western end of state of Bihar. It is said that the route of power in Centre or Delhi crosses through Uttar Pradesh and Bihar which having 80 and 40 Lok Sabha seats respectively. But if we talk about the discussed topic the locus and focus of education, employment, skill and other development indicators associated with education this region is at the bottom of literacy pyramid in the country which is called as Viswaguru because of its enriched education and sea of knowledge followed by birth place of a large number of dignitaries like Mahamana and others.
Also in this Purvanchal the marketisation of education and affected the entire dimension whether it is social, cultural, linguistic, religious and others as such.
Further the changing nature of State from Welfare to Retreating or Facilitator have intense the gap which lied in education and associated sectors.

In this moment or juncture it remind me of a popular Hindi hymn or slok
Kalam Desh Ki Weh Sakti Hai Bhag Jagane Wali,
Dil Hin Nhin Dimago Mein bhi Aag Lagane wali

Which literally proves that the power of pen is the most important for laying foundation stone of any movement whether youth movement or education movement?

However the very power embedded in pen has been diminished particularly post LPG i.e. Liberalization,Globalisation and Privatization era and presently the government is claiming about Minimum Government and Maximum Governance, Digital India,PMKVY and many such initiative which looks eye catching and pleasant mainly on papers but the same schemes die in most of the cases or areas just because of reluctance of government whether Centre or at state level ,the bureaucracy or momocracy and other stakeholders 
. I am not against the westernization of education but before all those promises and policy we just have to ask following question as a policy formulators:

Whether this education policy will be implementable on ground?
What about our cultural, socialistic, linguistic heritage, values and ethics, will it preserve these or will predate these important values as character formation is the back bone of national unity and integration?
Whether these policies will help poor students or students coming from rural background, lower middle class or needy one?
Whether we have a control string before these coaching institutions over matters like fee, facilities, qualitative and quantitative education, employment related education, skill enhancement and others important attributes?

If I share my personal experience as recently I have visited the state of Kerala which is regarded as one of the most developed state if we put it on literacy parameter. I found that there they have a strong local government and strong decentralization at ground level which act as a catalyst for educational excellence without marketisation or less share of market in education sector.

And also I remember my first day at Lanka here in Varanasi and the banners and posters of many private institutions and many of those are claiming that they will provide guidance, education and training under one roof whether CGL/Railway/Civil Services/Banking/Defense and so on. And further they claim that they will nurture you in a short span of time say 6 months however in the very poster or pamphlet they do not mention the high amount of fee which they are charging at those institutions and after admission they will mainly focus on syllabus coverage by hook and crook and forget all those wonderful manifesto depicted on their advertisements.
And at final juncture I have to express my concern that we have to not only raise our voices against this prevalent issues but also will be actively involve into solution of these problems as we student and association are an important part of the fifth pillar of democracy and future of India.
ü  At first we have to make education in control and guidance of local stakeholders or in other words educational decentralization where important stakeholders say student association based on democratic consensus and representation, skilled and intellectual people in locality, Urban and Rural local bodies , Academician,Technocrates and other important stakeholder as such
ü  We have to stop this marketisation or at least put a restriction based on shared representation
ü  We have to promote government run education while lifting the skill and knowledge level at these institution at primary, intermediate and higher studies levels
ü  Increase the share of Education in budget expenditure followed by use of modern technologies like Block chain, GPS tracking and other advanced means. Also we have to pay our attention of improving infrastructure at educational institution and self drive at weekend on cleanliness and sanitation as taking idea from Japan a small country in Pacific but having qualitative education model
ü  Regularly organize these sorts of discussion, debate and experience sharing platforms not only to strengthen education but also democracy

Shonit Nayan
Mail-Id- shonitnayan123@gmail.com