current affairs feb 2018

current affair feb 2018

Who is the current M.D and C.E.O of PNB
Ans. Sunil Mehta
Indira Gandhi canal starts from ?
Ans. Rajasthan
Which of the following rivers form a part of indira canal ?
Ans. Ravi beas Sutlej
Which multinational organization has provided funding for the indira cannal ?
Ans. NDB
From which date , no reservation charts pasted at the entry of reserved coaches.
Ans. March 1

Kedarnath temple is situated in uttarakhan
Which of the following is india’s fastes train  ?
Ans. Gateman express
Who is the head of the prasar bharti board ?
Ans. Surya prakash
Which Public sector bank is the node for rupee –rial payments between india and iral ?
Ans. UCO bank
The international conference for reconstruction of Iraq took place in
Ans. Kuwait
In the stock exchange, if any company has more than 10.000 crore in market capitalization it is called as
Ans. Large cap
The first 4characters in swift code signify
Ans. Bank code
Swift code is also called as BIC(bank identification code)
Apple has signed which of the following for a new apple series ?
Ans. Kevin Durant
Who has been named as the new P.M of Nepal ?
Ans. K.P Oli
The name you can bank upon is the tagline of which bank ?
Ans. PNB
When was the Cauvery water disputes tribunal setup ?
Ans. 1990
What is the executive capital of south Africa ?
Ans. Pretoria
What is the currency of south Africa ?
Ans. Rand  
Odisha’s larget tiger population is in  similipal NP
The largest strength of irrawady dolphins found in  chilika
VMP means  vehicle  fleet modernization programme
Who has been appointed as the head of ICHR ?
Ans. Arvind P. jamkhedkar
Part of the chabahar port was opened in  which year ?
Ans. 1983
Birr is the currency of  which  country ?
Ans. Ethiopia
Who has been awarded the EY entrepreneur of the year 2017 ?

Ans. Sanjiv bajaj

Cross selling  stands for offering to the existing & new customers, some additional banking products, with a view to expand banking business .
Venture capital fund merchant banking companies and stock broking companies are regulating  by SEBI.
-_____________ money or the demand deposit are claims against financial institution which can be used for purchasing goods and service –
Ans. Commercial bank money
-A request by the RBI to the commercial banks to take so & so action & measures in so & so trend of economy-
Ans. Moral suasion
-CAR measures the amount of a bank’s capital expressed as a % age of its credit exposure.
Where are the head quarter  of SIDBI
Ans. Lucknow
A list of all of a country’s international transactions for a given time period, usually one year
Ans. Balance of payments
What is the mean that An account is maintained by an Indian bank in the foreign countries
What does S satand for in STRIPS ?
Ans. Separate
Who is an alpha- numeric code that uniquely identifies a bank –branch participating in the NEFT system.
How many digits are there in the iFSC code
Ans. 11
How many digits are there in MICR ?
Ans. 9
Who is the regulator of chit funds in india ?
Ans. States
When banks invest its money in govt. securities instead investing in market to avoid risk ?
Ans. Narrow bankingwho is the chairman of SEBI
Ans. Ajay tyagi
What is the shareholding of state government in RRBs ?
Ans. 15
Which is apex institution of housing finance in india
Ans. NHB

11500 crore scam rocks PNB, stocks Hit
One of the biggest bank scams = PNB = unauthorized transaction  11500 crore one of Mumbai branches
A case of monwy laundering accused nirav modi billionaire merchant.
u.s. senate begins debate on immigration.
DREAM act (short for development, relief and education for alien minors act ) = a bill in congress that would have granted legal status  to certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the united states as children and went to school here introduced august 1,2001
NTPC to supply 300 megawatts(MW) of electricity to Bangladesh for 15 years likely to begin  from  June 2018 (india currently exports approximately 600 MW to Bangladesh.)

RIL to invest in mobile making unit at triupati
Reliance industries limited plans to manufacture  10  million mobile phones per annum in A.P , looking  for 150 acres of land = near tirupati in chittoor district.
Air force gets vintage Dakota aircraft from veteran
Air force = chief of the air staff air chief marshal B.S bhanoa =  receivec a restored world war-2  DC3 dakota aircraft = air commodore M.K. Chandrasekhar(retd) = DC3 Dakota aircraft parashurama, bearing the tail number VP-905, will be part of the IAF’s vintage fleet.
Ashok das new ambassador to brazil(brasilia).
Military to get  7.4 lakh rifles . 

  Who is the  director general of BSF ?
K.K Sharma
Who has been named Singapore’s first female president  ?
Halimah yacob
Where are the Head Quarter   of international maritime organistaion ?
How  many Russian cities shall host FIFA football world cup ?
Amitabh kant, CEO, NITI aayog tenure has been extanded to ---
No of bank under PCA (prompt corrective action)
Parameter of the bank is  crar, ROA , NPA
Who is the CEO of air india(in present) ?
Pradeep singh  kharola
In  relation to germany, what does S stand for in political party SDP ?
How many members are there in the wassenar arrangement ?
Who is the union minister of MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises  )?
Ans -Giriraj singh

Which of the following is an observer state in asean ?
   a.     Papua new guinea
   b.    Guyana
   c.     India
   d.    China
Ans- papua new guinea
Which of the following is a neighbor of mizorram ?
    a.     Bangladesh
    b.    Bhutan
    c.     China
   d.    Afghanistan
Where are the HQ of syndicate bank ?
Ans – manipal
Animal future of  syndicate bank is dog.
Which country will host the next commonwealth games in 2018.
Ans-  Australia (gold kost)
Which of the following is not a permanent member of U.N. security council ?
    a.     U S A
    b.    GERMANY
    c.     RUSSIA
    d.    FRANCE
Blue revolution is related to –
    a.     Animal husbandry
    b.    Aqua culture
    c.     Fisheries
    d.    None of these
Ans- fisheries
One of  the world’s largest coastal lagoon’s chilika lake is located in – odisha
1st Indian- origin fighter to be signed by the UFC – Arjan singh bhullar

Which ountry has topped annual global democracy index ?
    a.     India
    b.    Norway
    c.     Swdwn
   d.    Denmark
Ans- Norway

What is the the rank of  india in topped annual global democracy index ?
Ans – 42
-         Lt. Gen anil chauhan took charge as the new director general of  military operations (DGMO) of the Indian army.
Qs. – which of the following is not a member of Ashgabat agreement ? 
    a.     India
    b.    Pakistan
    c.     Oman
    d.    All of these
Ans- all of these
First low- income country to provide universal eye care for its 12 million population.
    a.     Guinea
    b.    Nigeria
    c.     Rwanda
   d.    Uganda
Ans –rwanda

Mumbai hotels want to ght re with atta (1)
Due to a major fire = at a restaurant in kamala mills = Indian hotels and restaurants association(AHAR)= requested = allowed to use “roti atta”(wheat our) = keeping sand = violation = food safety and  standards authority of India (FSSAI).

FSSAI = 2011 = Under = ministry of health and family welfare = chairperson = ashish bahuguna = established under = food safety and standards act, 2006
INLD wants SYL canal completed soon

Google has recommended three simple steps that can help everyone start their journey towards internet safety. This includes reviewing security setting and google account activity with one click for all android devices and gmail users. The programme  called “#securitycheckkiya”.

What does  C stand  for LTCG ?
LTCG(Long term capital gain)

Sensex is the index of – BSE
What is the duration of the asset to full under LTCG ?
More than 12 months
LTCG shall apply for transactions  more than _____?
Ans  1 lakhs
Who is the economic affairs secretary ?
Ans  subhash garg
Jallikattu has applied for a status  of cultural  as per section____.
Ans 29
During which festival jallikattu takes place  ?
Ans pongal
Which organization is against jallikattu  ?
Ans  PETA.
A 65 storey twin tower trade centre  shall  be constructed in  which city ?

Ans – guwahati
Assam is connected with the rest  of india by the ____ corridor.
Ans silliguri
The twin tower shall be  builder _____ Assam.
Ans – advantage
Kaziranga is famous for which species ?
Ans  one homed rhinoceros
Which ricer is called as the lifeline of assam?
Ans – Brahmaputra
Bhaula sadia bridge is on which river ?
Ans - Lohit river
Neknampura lake is in which city ?
Ans – hyderbad
INS khanderi is named after --  a tiger shark
INS khanderi has been manufactured by MDL  and ____ of france.?
Bhutan has opened its 2nd consulate in which city ?
Ans – guwahati
Which was the 1st country to open a consulate in guwahati ?
Ans-  Bangladesh
Where was the 1st consulate of bhutan  in  india ?
Malaysia airports shall sell their entire stake in
They shall sell it ot – GMR
What is the full form of KUSUM  ?
Ans- kisan urja suraksha evam utthaan mahaabhiyan
Which bank shall raise 600 milloion U.S $ via fixed term notes ?
Ans- yes bank
Big basket is based in which city ?
Ans- bengaluru