Computer Proficiency Certification Test CPCT 16th February2018 Shift 1

    Computer Proficiency Certification Test CPCT 16th February2018  Shift 1 
QS.   SMTP stands  for :
  1. Single mail transfer protocol.
  2. Simple mail transfer protocol.
  3. Small mail transmission protocol.
  4. Short mail transmission protocol.
Ans.  Simple mail transfer protocol.
QS. In Power presentation , where does the footer area appears in handout master view ?
  1. Top of the page
  2. Bottom of the page
  3. Center of the page
  4. Left of the page
Ans. Bottom of the page
QS. ROM stands for:
  1. Read once memory.
  2. Read only memory
  3. Read on memory
  4. Read other memory
Ans.  Read on memory
QS. Of the following options, the best quality graphics reproduction is done by a :
  1. Drum printer.
  2. Inkjet printer.
  3. Plotter.
  4. Dot matrix printer.
Ans. Plotter.
QS. Operation such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and logic operations are performed by :
  1. Registers
  2. The control unit
  3. The ALU
  4. The RAM
Ans. The ALU
QS. Which of the following options is generally NOT permitted while renaming a field name in data source ?
  1. Letters
  2. Numbers
  3. Underscore characters
  4. Spaces
Ans. Spaces
QS. Which of the following is not a text function in MS-Excel ?
  1. CHAR()
  2. LEN()
  3. LEFT()
  4. ABS()
Ans. ABS()
QS. Which of the following uniquely identifies each computer on the network and is hardcoded on network interface card ?
  1. IP address
  2. MAC address
  3. ICMP
  4. LAN
QS. A protocol and constituent of the URL, which is used to access the resource on the internet is :
  1. HTTP or HTTPS
  2. WWW
  3. TCP
  4. IP
QS. Which of the following crawls WebPages starting from a given URL and recursively following the links embedded within it  ?
  1. Spider
  2. Spyware
  3. Adware
  4. Browser
Ans. Spider
QS. Which of the  following  is NOT  an objective of multiprogramming operating system ?
  1.  Reduce CPU idle time
  2. Maximize processor utilization
  3. Minimize user input time
  4. Avoid deadlock
Ans. Minimize user input time
QS. Which type of computer generally supports single user at any given time ?
  1. Personal computer
  2. Super computer
  3. Mini computer
  4. Mainframe computer
Ans. Personal computer
QS. Which of the following is NOT a valid category of charts in Microsoft Excel ?
  1. Bar chart
  2. Pie chart
  3. Temperature chart
  4. Line chart
Ans. Temperature chart
QS. Which of the following can be both hardware and software ?
  1. Router
  2. Firewall
  3. Switch
  4. Modem
Ans. Firewall
QS. What is the term used for pressing and holding down the left key of the mouse and move it around the slide ?
  1. Highlighting
  2. Dragging
  3. Warming
  4. Pointing
Ans. Dragging
QS. A digital camera is which of the following types of device ?
  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Software
  4. Pointing
Ans. Input
QS. If multiple windows are open on your computer, then the keyboard shortcut to minimize all of them together is :
  1. Ctrl+M
  2. Shift+M
  3. Windows+M
  4. Shift+ctrl+M
Ans. Windows+M
QS.  ______ is a program that searches through a database of web pages for particular information.
  1. Web browser
  2. Search engine
  3. Web crawler
  4. Web server
Ans. Search engine
QS. The multiplication arithmetic operator is represented by which of the following symbols ?
  1. ˄
  2. *
  3. /
  4. ×
Ans. *
QS. Every computer on the internet has a unique numeric address, which is called ____.
  1. IP address
  2. IM address
  3. IS address
  4. TCP address
Ans. IP address
QS. In which of the following topologies are multiple computers or peripheral  device linked to a central unit ?
  1. Star topology
  2. Bus topology
  3. Ring topology
  4. Mesh topology
Ans. Star topology
QS. _____ is the most common type of audio-output device.
  1. Speaker
  2. Monitor
  3. Printers
  4. Keyboard
Ans.  Speaker
QS. Which of the following identifies non-essential files on the hard disk and erases them , but only when the user allows ?
  1. Backup
  2. File compression
  3. Uninstall program
  4. Disk cleanup
Ans. Disk cleanup
QS. A list of works along with their synonyms and antonyms is known as :
  1. Indentation.
  2. Morphing.
  3. Storage.
  4. Thesaurus.
Ans. Thesaurus.
QS. Which of the  following number systems does a computer use to  store data and perform calculations ?
  1. Binary
  2. Octal
  3. Decimal
  4. Hexadecimal
Ans. Binary
QS. Which of the following is a primary key of one file that also appears in another file ?
  1. Primary key
  2. Foreign key
  3. Logical key
  4. Physical key
Ans. Foreign key
QS. The _____ key is used to create new paragraph in Microsoft word.
  1. Function
  2. Enter
  3. Arrow
  4. Space bar
Ans. Enter
QS. In a computer, a _____ is a self-replicating virus that does not alter files but resides in active memory and duplicates itself.
  1. Trap doors
  2. Trojan horse
  3. Ransom ware
  4. Worm
Ans. Worm
QS. The computer language used for web-based programming is :
  1. Basic
  2. COBAL
  3. Java
  4. Pascal
Ans. Java
QS. Which  of the following can be formed by inter-connecting personal computers ?
  1. Server
  2. Super computer
  3. Enterprise
  4. Network
Ans. Network
QS. What type of software is Microsoft office ?
  1. Closed source  software
  2. Open source software
  3. Database management system
  4. Utility software
Ans. Closed source software
QS. Which of the following programs works like a calculator for keeping track of money and making  budgets ?
  1. Calculator
  2. Spreadsheet
  3. Budgeter
  4. Financier
Ans. Spreadsheet
QS. A long thing strip located on the far right or bottom of a window that  allows  you to move  the  window viewing area up down left, or right is called :
  1. Scroll bar
  2. Task bar
  3. Menu
  4. Icon
Ans. Scroll bar
QS.  In Microsoft excel, the intersection of a row and column is called :
  1. Square
  2. Cell
  3. Cubicle
  4. Worksheet
Ans. Cell
QS. What is the mouse action used to access the properties of a file ?
  1. Dragging
  2. Dropping
  3. Right-clicking
  4. Shift-clicking
Ans. Right-clicking
QS. The key combination used to select an entire word document is :
  1. Alt+F5
  2. Shift + A
  3. Ctrl + K
  4. Ctrl +A
Ans. Ctrl +A
QS. Which of the following is NOT a video file extension ?
  1. MP4
  2. AVI
  3. QT
  4. JPG
Ans. JPG
QS. Which program reduces the size of the files so that it occupies lesser space on the disk ?
  1. Word processor
  2. Spreadsheet
  3. Antivirus
  4. winZip
ans. WinZip
QS. The method of internet access that requires a phone line, but offers faster access speeds than dial-up is called the _____connection.
  1. Cable access
  2. Satellite access
  3. Fiber-optic service
  4. Digital subscriber line (DSL)
Ans. Digital subscriber line (DSL)
Qs. What is the menu item that is generally selected to access the print commend ?
  1. File
  2. Tools
  3. Special
  4. Edit
Ans. File
Qs. Which of the following is a repair method for known software bug, which is generally available free of cost on the internet ?
  1. Version
  2. Patch
  3. Tutorial
  4. FAQ
Ans. Patch
Qs. A device which connects dissimilar networks is called  :
  1. Bridge.
  2. Switch.
  3. Repeater.
  4. Gateway.
Ans. Gateway
Qs. Which device is used to receive incoming packets, analysis them and move them to another location ?
  1.  Router
  2. Hub
  3. Modem
  4. Repeater
Ans. Router
Qs. An administrator can increase the level of security on files & folders by using :
  1. Distributed file system.
  2. Secure file system.
  3. Encrypted data system
  4. Encrypted file system.
Ans. Encrypted file system.
Qs. The system request (SysRq) keys in IBM keyboards were used to initiate a :
  1. High-level event.
  2. Low-level event.
  3. Low-point event.
  4. High-point event.
Ans. Low-level event
Qs. What is the key combination used to copy a formula from the cell above the active cell into another cell or the formula  bar in Microsoft excel ?
  1. CTRL +8
  2. CTRL +’
  3. CTRL+”
  4. CTRL + -
Ans. CTRL + ‘
Qs. Which key is used  to open the format cells dialog box in Microsoft excel 2010 ?
  1. Alt+F4
  2. Ctrl +F
  3. F1
  4. Ctrl+shift+F
Ans. Ctrl+shift+F
Qs. What is meant by data marker ?
  1. A graphic representation of the value of a data point.
  2. A particular value in a table or worksheet.
  3. An excel formula.
  4. Collection of attributes applied to text.
Ans. A graphic representation of the  value of a data point
Qs. The ____ system provides and maintains the mapping between a file’s logical storage need and the physical location where it is stored.
  1. File management
  2. Data management
  3. Software management
  4. Utility management
Ans. File management
Qs. Which key is used to activate the extended selection mode on a keyboard ?
  1. F4
  2. F7
  3. F3
  4. F8
Ans. F8
Qs. The default chart type in Microsoft excel is _____.
  1. Pie chart
  2. Line chart
  3. Surface chart
  4. Column chart
Ans. Column chart