Computer Proficiency Certification Test CPCT 16th February Shift 2

Qs.   In how many parts is an email address divided ?
  1. Single part
  2. Two parts
  3. Five parts
  4. Four parts
Ans. Two parts
Qs. Which of the following is NOT  a relevant command in MS Excel ?
  1. Merge & centre
  2. Wrap text
  3. Slide show
  4. Auto sum
Ans. Slide show
Qs. The ______ option in the file (or office button ) menu is used to close an MS- Work 2007 document.
  1. Quit
  2. Close
  3. Exit
  4. New
Ans. Close
Qs. The _____memory is a volatile memory and allows both read and write operations.
  1. ROM
  2. RAM
  3. EPROM
  4. RAID
Ans. RAM
Qs. A _____ uses a non-impact photocopier technology.
  1. Laser printer
  2. Drum printer
  3. Inkjet printer
  4. Dot matrix printer
Ans. Laser printer
Qs. Which of the following best describes a plotter ?
  1. An input device to produce good quality graphics.
  2. An output device to produce drawings and graphics.
  3. A fast output device  using camera lenses.
  4. An input device for drawing graphics.
Ans. An output device to produce drawings and graphics.
Qs. Which of the following is NOT a necessary step to perform mail-merge feature of the MS-Word ?
  1. Open a new document in word and start the mail merge procedure.
  2. Link the document to a data source.
  3. Perform spell-check on both document and data source.
  4. Preview and print the form letters.
Ans. Perform spell- check on both document and data source.
Qs. Which of the following is NOT a valid “view ” option in Microsoft power point 2007 ?
  1. Slide sorter view
  2. Slide master view
  3. Slide show view
  4. Normal view
Ans. Slide show view
Qs. Which of the following is a search engine ?
  1. Macromedia flash
  2. Google
  3. Netscape
  4. Chrome
Ans. Google
Qs. To host a website, space has to be bought from which of the following ?
  1. NASA
  2. Microsoft
  3. Web hosting companies
  4. W3C
Ans. Web hosting companies
Qs. DNS is the abbreviation of ______.
  1. Dynamic naming system.
  2. Dynamic network system
  3. Domain name system
  4. Domain network service
Ans. Domain name system
Qs. Which of  the following is NOT hardware ?
  1. CPU
  2. Plotter
  3. RAM
  4. Virtual memory
Ans. Virtual memory
Qs. ASCII stands for :
  1. American scientific code for information interchange
  2. American scientific code foe international interchange
  3. American standard code for intelligence interchange
  4. American standard code for information interchange
Ans. American standard code for information interchange
Qs. Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps to start Microsoft powerPoint in windows7 ?
  1. Start, All programs, My  office, MS PowerPoint
  2. Start, My documents, MS PowerPoint 2010
  3. Start, My computer, MS PowerPoint 2010
  4. Start, all programs, MS Word, MS PowerPoint
Ans. Start, all programs, my office, ms powerpoint
Qs. The protocol used to access webpages is :
  1. FTP
  2. HTTP
  3. W3C
  4. ICMP
Qs.  Hardware device used to feed words, sounds, images, etc. into a form that the CPU can process is known as _____.
  1. Device drive
  2. Device reader
  3. Input device
  4. Output device
Ans. Input device
Qs. What is the process through which users an error message when the computer system encounters an error ?
  1. Memory management
  2. Buffer loader
  3. Error handling
  4. Process management
Ans. Error handling.
Qs. Of the following, is NOT an email service provider.
  1. Hotmail
  2. Gmail
  3. Bing
  4. Yahoo mail
Ans. Bing
Qs. Bank’s ATM facility is an example of ______.
  1. LAN
  2. WAN
  3. MAN
  4. Personal area Network
Ans. Wan
Qs. Hierarchical network follows ______.
  1. Tree topology
  2. Hybrid topology
  3. Mesh topology
  4. Bus topology
Ans. Tree topology
Qs. Which among the following is the fastest printer ?
  1. Dot-matrix printer
  2. Thermal printer
  3. Inkjet printer
  4. Laser printer
Ans. Laser printer
Qs. Pressing the delete key deletes the text :
  1. To the right of the insertion point.
  2. To the left of the insertion point
  3. To both sides of the insertion point
  4. Of the entire sentence
Ans. To the right of the insertion point
Qs. To create a table in MS word, user has to do this :
  1. Position the insertion point where user wants to insert the table.
  2. Click on ____ tab, then in the ___ group, click the ____ down arrow and click the _____ option. The enter table dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the desired  number of rows and columns as required in the table.
  4. Click ok
  1. Insert, tables, table, insert table.
  2. Insert, table, insert, insert table.
  3. Home, tables, table, insert table.
  4. Home, tables, insert, insert table.
Ans. Insert, table, table, insert table.
Qs. What is the type of disk in which, once recorded, CANNOT be modified or erased by user ?
  1. Write only
  2. Read-only
  3. Run-only
  4. Read and write only
Ans. Read-only
Qs. With respect to database, each combination of  a telephone number, birth date and  customer name is an example of a :
  1. Record
  2. Sequence
  3. File
  4. Database
Ans. Record
Qs. The version of computer programs written in high-level programming language, that is readable by human beings, is called :
  1. Binary code
  2. Instruction set
  3. Source code
  4. Executable code
Ans. Source code
Qs. Identifying and correcting errors in a program is called _____.
  1. Compiling
  2. Debugging
  3. Grinding
  4. Interpreting
Ans. Debugging
Qs. The first computer- to-computer link was established on _____.
  1. I net
  2. NSF net
  3. Arpanet
  4. V net
Ans. Arpanet
Qs. Which of the following software is used to create text-based documents ?
  1. DBMS
  2. Suites
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Word processor
Ans. Word processor
Qs. A small arrow or blinking symbol, i.e., a movable indicator on desktop, is called a :
  1. Mouse
  2. Logo
  3. Hand
  4. Cursor
Ans. Cursor
Qs. Which of the following is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file ?
  1. Kernel
  2. Buffer
  3. Shortcut
  4. Spooler
Ans. Shortcut
Qs. What is the letter and number of the intersecting column and row in MS-excel known as  ?
  1. Cell location
  2. Cell position
  3. Cell address
  4. Cell coordinates
Ans. Cell address
Qs. A collection of attributes that describes a real- world entity is called _____.
  1. Information
  2. Input
  3. Record
  4. Database system
Ans. Record
Qs. Which of the following are shown on the status bar of the  MS- Word document window ?
  1. Name of the document, insert button, spell check.
  2. Number of spellings errors, page number, document name.
  3. Size of the margins, word count, web layout.
  4. Number of pages in the document, word count, spelling/grammar check.
Ans. Number of pages in the document, word count, spelling/grammar check.
Qs. Which of the following is NOT related to MS-Word ?
  1. Table
  2. Drop Cap
  3. Worksheet
  4. Mail-merge
Ans. Worksheet
Qs. What is the number of rows in a worksheet of the version of MS-excel ?
  1. 36500
  2. 1048576
  3. 64536
  4. 256
Ans. 1048576
Qs. Which of the following statements about mouse speed is correct ?
  1.  Adjustable through right click
  2. Not adjustable
  3. Adjustable through control panel
  4. Adjustable through left click.
Ans.  Adjustable through control panel.
Qs. Which of the following is NOT an image file format ?
  1. .gif
  2. .bmp
  3. .cdc
  4. .Tiff
Ans. .cdc
Qs. To expand a selection of text, click anywhere on the sentence while holding down the following key :
  1. Shift
  2. Ctrl
  3. Alt
  4. Esc
Ans. Shift
Qs. You want to copy a file  slightly larger than the  size of free space available in your pen drive. In such a scenario, identify the utility that will best suit your purpose, from the given options.
  1. Change the file extension
  2. Clean your desktop
  3. Compress your file
  4. Uninstall all programs.
Ans. Compress your file
Qs. Converting source code into object code is called :
  1. Compiling
  2. Debugging
  3. Grinding
  4. Executing
Ans. Compiling
Qs. _____converts computer output into a form that can  be transmitted over a telephone line.
  1. Teleport
  2. Multiplexer
  3. Concentrator
  4. Modem
Ans. Modem
Qs. In windows systems, which of the following key combinations can be used to print a document ?
  1. Shift +P
  2. Ctrl + P
  3. Alt + P
  4. Ctrl +alt + P
Ans. Ctrl +P
Qs.  The number of layers in the ISO-OSI reference model is :
  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 7
Ans. 7
Qs. Which of the following is a NOT a networking device ?
  1. Router
  2. Bridge
  3. Virtual memory
  4. Switch
Ans. Virtual memory
Qs.  Which of the following keys (if available) directly low-level operating system functions with no possibility of conflicting with any other existing software ?
  1. PrtScn
  2. Break
  3. SysRq
  4. Scroll lock
Ans. SysRq
Qs.  Keyboard shortcut to invoke the delete dialog box to delete the selected cells in MS-excel is :
  1. CTRL + Minus(-)
  2. CTRL ++
  3. CTRL +’
  4. CTRL +~
Ans. CTRL + Minus(-)
Qs. In which MS-Excel menu do we find the pivot table command ?
  1. Tools
  2. Data
  3. Insert
  4. Window
Ans. Inert
Qs. What is meant by chart ?
  1. Representation of editable area
  2. Representation of pictures stored on hard disk
  3. Visual representation of numeric data
  4. Representation of numeric data
Ans. Visual representation of numeric data
Qs. _____gives battery backup for a limited time.
  1. UPS
  2. Adapter
  3. BIOS
  4. USB
Ans. UPS
Qs. Which feature is used to create mailing labels in MS Word ?
  1. Mail merge
  2. Hyperlink
  3. References
  4. Bookmark
Ans. Mail merge
Qs. Which shortcut key is used to insert a chart in a MS excel cell ?
  1. Alt+F1
  2. Ctrl+F2
  3. Shift+F2
  4. Alt +F6
Ans.  Alt+F1