PQRS ( PARAJUMBLE) -ssc cgl previous year question paper


Given  below are four jumbled sentences. Slect the option that gives their correct order.

Qs. 1.

A. The cafe's owner says he's interested in conservation and hopes customers will realise the animals are worth saving, even though they often have a bad reputation.
B. None of them  are venomous, meaning customers can get up close and personal with the reptiles.
C. Here you sip your drink in the company of 35 snakes.
D. This cafe,which has just opened in Tokyo, is not for the faint-hearted.

 (1)DBCA  (2) DCBA (3) ABCD (4) ABDC

(2) DCBA


A.   An environmental group performed a necropsy  on the animal and found about 40 kilogram of plastic,including grocery bags and rice sacks.
B.  A 4.7 -metre long whale died on Saturday in Philippines where it was stranded a day earlier.
C.  "It's very disgusting and heartbreaking, "he said. "We've done necropolises on 61 dolphins and whales in the last 10 years and this is one of the biggest amounts of plastic we've seen."
D. "The animal died from starvation and was unable to eat because of the trash filling its stomach, "said Darrell Blatchley, Director of D'  Bone Collector Museum Inc..

Option :-
(1) ABCD  (2) DABC (3) BADC (4) BACD

Ans.    (3) BADC


 The question below consists of a set of labeled sentences. Out of the four options given, select the most logical order of the sentences to form a coherent paragraph. 


P- It had been umpteen years since we had seen each other.
Q - One dull dark day in autumn, I was travelling on horseback through a dreary stretch of countryside. 
R - This was the house of Roderick Usher, who had been my childhood pal. 
S - At night fall, I came in sight of the house of Usher.

  (1)  PQSR (2)  PSQR (3)  QSRP (4) QRSP 

Correct Answer: (4) 

Qs.  -2

P- According to various estimates, between 1942 and 1944 there were approximately 400 victims of this practice daily in Warsaw alone, with numbers on some days reaching several thousands.
 Q - A common German practice in occupied Poland was to round up random civilians on the streets of Polish cities. 
R - For example, on 19th September 1942 close to 3000 men and women were transported by train to Germany – they had been caught in the massive round-ups all over Warsaw the previous two days. 
S - The term, "lapanka" carried a sardonic connotation from the word's earlier use for the children's game known in English as "tag". 

(1) SQRP (2) SRPQ (3) QSPR (4) QPRS 

Correct Answer: (3)


P: In other countries which are populated by 'haves', frustration is among them also because they do "haves". 
Q: In some countries, frustration exists because these countries are populated by "have-nots". 
R: Frustration is a global cancer. 
S: It has spared no country. 
(1 ) RSQP (2 ) SQRP (3 ) PSRQ (4 ) QRPS 

Correct Answer: (1)


P: The real purpose underlying this maxim lies in its utility in the worldly sense. 
Q: He has within him a spirit which is ever exhorting him to cut down his needs and learn to be happy with what he has. 
R: Man is something much greater than an intelligent being using his intellect to make newer inventions from time to time. S: It tells us to be up and doing, not to be passive in our attitude to life. 
(1 ) PRQS (2 ) QPSR (3 ) RQPS (4 ) SRPQ 

Correct Answer: (3)


We have seen that, when 
X-think of it as losing its parts and shrivelling to a point 
Y -occupy any portion of space, we need not 
Z -we deny that a mental image can 
Options: (1 ) ZXY (2 ) YZX (3 ) YXZ (4 ) ZYX 

Correct Answer: (4)


Another major difference 
X-seven planets around the star
Y -system is the tight packing of the
Z -in comparison with the solar
Options: (1 ) ZYX (2) ZXY (3) YZX (4) YXZ

Correct Answer: (1)


He does not mean 
X-when he denies that it is causal
Y -to indicate that the relation
Z -is any the less uniform or dependable
Options: (1) YXZ (2) YZX (3) XZY (4) XYZ 

Correct Answer: (2) 


Not only people have buying 
X-environment and health
Y -capacity in the city, people here are
Z -also quite concerned about
Options:(1) YXZ (2) YZX (3) XZY (4) XYZ

Correct Answer: (2)


P-But he did not know how to find one at that hour.
Q-It was his first visit to the city and he didn't know where to go.
R-Mohanlal's train was late and it reached Kolkata a little after midnight.
S-He thought he would go to a choultry where he would not have to pay rent.
Options: (1) PSQR (2) QRSP (3) RQSP (4) RSQP

Correct Answer: (3)


P-And slowly, you reach the pinnacle of self-awareness, experiencing a unity with all life.
Q-If you transform your energy positively, it naturally becomes compassion and love.
R-Once you experientially are a part of everything then nobody needs to teach you morality.
S-Then you can do something to improve the situation, but without anger.
Options: (1) PQRS (2) QPRS (3) RQPS (4) RSPQ 

Correct Answer: QPRS 

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