PQRS ( PARAJUMBLE) -ssc cgl previous year question paper


 The question below consists of a set of labeled sentences. Out of the four options given, select the most logical order of the sentences to form a coherent paragraph. 


P- It had been umpteen years since we had seen each other.
Q - One dull dark day in autumn, I was travelling on horseback through a dreary stretch of countryside. 
R - This was the house of Roderick Usher, who had been my childhood pal. 
S - At night fall, I came in sight of the house of Usher.

  (1)  PQSR (2)  PSQR (3)  QSRP (4) QRSP 

Correct Answer: (4) 

Qs.  -2

P- According to various estimates, between 1942 and 1944 there were approximately 400 victims of this practice daily in Warsaw alone, with numbers on some days reaching several thousands.
 Q - A common German practice in occupied Poland was to round up random civilians on the streets of Polish cities. 
R - For example, on 19th September 1942 close to 3000 men and women were transported by train to Germany – they had been caught in the massive round-ups all over Warsaw the previous two days. 
S - The term, "lapanka" carried a sardonic connotation from the word's earlier use for the children's game known in English as "tag". 

(1) SQRP (2) SRPQ (3) QSPR (4) QPRS 

Correct Answer: (3)


P: In other countries which are populated by 'haves', frustration is among them also because they do "haves". 
Q: In some countries, frustration exists because these countries are populated by "have-nots". 
R: Frustration is a global cancer. 
S: It has spared no country. 
(1 ) RSQP (2 ) SQRP (3 ) PSRQ (4 ) QRPS 

Correct Answer: (1)


P: The real purpose underlying this maxim lies in its utility in the worldly sense. 
Q: He has within him a spirit which is ever exhorting him to cut down his needs and learn to be happy with what he has. 
R: Man is something much greater than an intelligent being using his intellect to make newer inventions from time to time. S: It tells us to be up and doing, not to be passive in our attitude to life. 
(1 ) PRQS (2 ) QPSR (3 ) RQPS (4 ) SRPQ 

Correct Answer: (3)


We have seen that, when 
X-think of it as losing its parts and shrivelling to a point 
Y -occupy any portion of space, we need not 
Z -we deny that a mental image can 
Options: (1 ) ZXY (2 ) YZX (3 ) YXZ (4 ) ZYX 

Correct Answer: (4)


Another major difference 
X-seven planets around the star
Y -system is the tight packing of the
Z -in comparison with the solar
Options: (1 ) ZYX (2) ZXY (3) YZX (4) YXZ

Correct Answer: (1)


He does not mean 
X-when he denies that it is causal
Y -to indicate that the relation
Z -is any the less uniform or dependable
Options: (1) YXZ (2) YZX (3) XZY (4) XYZ 

Correct Answer: (2) 


Not only people have buying 
X-environment and health
Y -capacity in the city, people here are
Z -also quite concerned about
Options:(1) YXZ (2) YZX (3) XZY (4) XYZ

Correct Answer: (2)


P-But he did not know how to find one at that hour.
Q-It was his first visit to the city and he didn't know where to go.
R-Mohanlal's train was late and it reached Kolkata a little after midnight.
S-He thought he would go to a choultry where he would not have to pay rent.
Options: (1) PSQR (2) QRSP (3) RQSP (4) RSQP

Correct Answer: (3)


P-And slowly, you reach the pinnacle of self-awareness, experiencing a unity with all life.
Q-If you transform your energy positively, it naturally becomes compassion and love.
R-Once you experientially are a part of everything then nobody needs to teach you morality.
S-Then you can do something to improve the situation, but without anger.
Options: (1) PQRS (2) QPRS (3) RQPS (4) RSPQ 

Correct Answer: QPRS 

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