ssc cgl english previous paper

ssc cgl English previous paper 2016


In the following question, some part of  the sentence may have errors.  find out which part of the sentence has an error and select the appropriate option. if a sentence is free from error, select NO error. 

1. The statesman has (1)/ the largest circulations of any (2)/ English dailies.(3)/ no error(4)

2. Each child (1)/ was  given a (2)/ red beautiful balloon.(3)/ no error(4)

3. It is best (1)/ to be silent (2)/ than to speak in anger.(3)/ no error(4)

4. The trek difficult (1)/ but it is far worth (2)/the endeavour(3)/ no error(4).

5. All  works of (1)/creative writing(2)/ have aesthetics appeal.(3)/ no error(4)

6.The author said during the press conference(1)/ that there were (2)/two farther volumes to be published.(3)/ no error(4)

7.He was not able to concentrate(1)/ because of the continual music(2)/ being  played next door.(3)/ no error(4)

8. The job is(1)/ under the direct(2)/ of Mrs Jones.(3)/ no error(4)

9. There  is (1)/few time (2)/for preparation.(3)/ no error(4)

10. The man is (1)/ the most  tallest(2)/ of the group (3)/. no error(4)

11. the doctor says that(1)/the patient will recover(2)/ in few days(3)/. no error (4)

12. This is an urgent(1)/ matter which may admit (2)/ of few delays. (3)/. no error(4)

13. Computers gives us (1)/ the easier access(2)/ to information.(3)/ no error(4)

1. - (1)  2.-(3)  3.-(1)  4-(2) 5-(3) 6.-(3) 7.-(2) 8.-(2) 9.-(2) 10.-(2) 11.-(2) 12.-(3) 13.-(2)